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Tanweer Ahmed Donates $9 Million to NUST for Underprivileged Student Scholarships

A Generous Act: $9 Million Philanthropic Donation

Renowned American-Pakistani business tycoon Tanweer Ahmed has made a significant philanthropic gesture by donating $9 million (over Rs2.5 billion) to Islamabad’s National University of Science & Technology (NUST). The generous contribution aims to support underprivileged students in accessing quality education through scholarships.

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Empowering Underprivileged Students: Scholarships for Quality Education Access

NUST has officially confirmed the partnership with Ahmed through an Endowment Fund specifically dedicated to underprivileged students. This initiative is expected to benefit nearly 200 students annually, providing them with the opportunity to pursue their education with financial assistance. Notably, this $9 million donation stands as one of the largest contributions by an overseas Pakistani to any university in the country.

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In an exclusive interview with Geo News, Ahmed revealed his plans to extend the scholarship program to other universities, with NUST being a long-term beneficiary. He emphasized that the donation scheme will operate permanently, with a formal ceremony scheduled to take place at NUST Islamabad next month. The event will be attended by top leaders of Pakistan, marking the official launch of the scholarship program.

Houston-based businessman Tanweer Ahmed highlighted the importance of providing scholarships through the Higher Education Commission (HEC), ensuring a merit-based system. The scholarships will cater specifically to students who face financial barriers to accessing quality education. Ahmed expressed his commitment to fostering talent in various advanced sectors such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Information Technology (IT), and other cutting-edge technologies, envisioning a significant impact on Pakistan’s youth.

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Ahmed Stresses Overseas Pakistanis’ Role in Homeland Development

As a businessman, investor, entrepreneur, and philanthropist collaborating with major companies, non-profit organizations, and hospitals, Ahmed emphasized the responsibility of overseas Pakistanis to contribute to their homeland’s development.

He stated, ‘We owe to our motherland because we are where we are because of Pakistan. Our best contribution can be made through empowering our youth with modern education and knowledge. I am happy to play my part in helping Pakistani youth achieve their goals in life.'”

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