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Emirates: Pioneering Sustainable Aviation with 100% A380 Demonstration Flight

Emirates world’s first airline to operate an A380 demonstration flight with 100% SAF

Emirates has achieved a historic milestone as the first airline globally to conduct an A380 demonstration flight powered entirely by Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF). Commanded by Captain Khalid Binsultan and Captain Philippe Lombet, the flight departed from Dubai International Airport (DXB) with one of its four engines exclusively fueled by 100% SAF.

This successful demonstration highlights SAF’s potential as a direct substitute for traditional jet fuel, meeting the same technical and chemical specifications while offering a significantly more sustainable alternative. The use of SAF also holds the promise of reducing carbon emissions by up to 85%* throughout its life cycle compared to conventional jet fuel.

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The Emirates A380 demonstration flight comes as the aviation industry, international organisations, regulatory bodies and high-level officials driving policy-related decisions converge in Dubai for the Third International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Conference on Aviation and Alternative Fuels (CAAF/3). Dedicated collaborators from Airbus, Engine Alliance, Pratt & Whitney, Neste, Virent and ENOC have been working on the testing, technical assessments and data analysis for today’s flight.

Emirates’ Historic Flight: 100% Drop-In SAF Mirrors Traditional Jet Fuel Characteristics

The 100% drop-in SAF used on today’s flight includes renewable aromatics and closely mimics the characteristics of conventional jet fuel. This is the first time that drop-in SAF has been used on an A380 aircraft, with the expectation of full compatibility across the aircraft’s existing systems. The flight carried four tonnes of SAF, comprised of HEFA-SPK provided by Neste (hydro processed esters and fatty acids synthetic paraffinic kerosene) and HDO-SAK from Virent (hydro deoxygenated synthetic aromatic kerosene). ENOC helped to secure the neat SAF comprised of HEFA-SPK, and blended it with Sustainable Aviation Kerosene (SAK) at its facility in Dubai International Airport ahead of the demonstration, and also carried out into-plane services.

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Emirates Airline Secures US$ 52 Billion Deal for 95 Wide-Body Aircraft

The 100% SAF was used in one Engine Alliance GP7200 engine, while conventional jet fuel was used in the other three engines. The PW980 auxiliary power unit (APU) from Pratt & Whitney Canada also ran on 100% SAF.

Adel Al Redha, Chief Operating Officer, Emirates Airline said: “Emirates is the first passenger airline in the world to operate an A380 with 100% drop-in SAF powering one of four Engine Alliance GP7200 engines. This is another proud moment for Emirates and our partners, as we put words into action with the research into and the trialling of higher concentrations of SAF to eventually lead to industry adoption of 100% SAF flying. This marks another significant step in validating the use of SAF in one of the engines of the A380, a wide-body aircraft with four engines. The growing global demand for lower-emission jet fuel alternatives is there, and the work of producers and suppliers to commercialise SAF and make it available will be critical in the coming years to help Emirates and the wider industry advance our path to lower carbon emissions.”

Emirates to build new US$ 950 million engineering facility

Earlier this year, Emirates successfully completed the first 100% SAF-powered demonstration flight in the region on a GE90-powered Boeing 777-300ER.

Last month, the first Emirates flights operating with SAF provided by Shell Aviation took off from Dubai International Airport (DXB). Shell supplied 315,000 gallons of blended SAF for use at the airline’s hub in Dubai.

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