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Fresh Finds Pakistan: Spotify’s Signature Program Celebrates two years

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Two years ago, Spotify introduced Fresh Finds Pakistan, a revolutionary program that not only nurtured emerging artists but also captivated music enthusiasts on an unprecedented scale. This initiative, powered by Spotify, set out to discover hidden musical talents and propel the careers of artists that deserved appraisal.

Fresh Finds Pakistan – Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad emerged as the top cities in terms of streams

Almost a Quarter of All Streams on Spotify Pakistan Are Hip-Hop

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The heart of this initiative lies in its playlist—a dynamic destination for fans and industry trendsetters alike, searching for the next big sensation in music. Since its inception in 2021, Fresh Finds has showcased over 346 artists, many of whom, like Abdul Hannan and Nehal Naseem, saw their musical careers witness a boost following their inclusion in the playlist. Spotify’s data highlights that artists featured on Fresh Finds witness an increase varying between 200% to 5,000%  in their monthly listeners within 6 months of joining the playlist.

Fresh Finds Pakistan

Now, Spotify is taking its support of these independent artists to the next level with the Fresh Finds program. Building off the success of the playlist, this new program focuses on giving developing artists the tools and educational resources needed for long-term career success.

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“Independent artists are at the forefront of what’s next in music,” says Rutaba Yaqub, Senior Editor, Music for Pakistan, Sri Lanka & Bangladesh. “It’s vital that we continue to help this wide-ranging group of artists be discovered, be heard, find new fans, and create space and opportunities for them to have agency over their careers, while giving them a voice in our campaigns. And this is exactly what Fresh Finds Pakistan does.” 

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“At the end of this program we want our Fresh Finds artists to leave with a fluency in Spotify’s tools, a connection with other creators, growth across a wide range of new fans, and deeper engagement within their existing fan base.”

Among the glowing success stories that have come to light through the support of Fresh Finds Pakistan, the likes of Abdul Hannan, Eifi, and Nehal Naseem shine as the most notable examples. A variety of other talents, including Faisal, Zeeshan Ali, Shahmeer Raza Khan, and the dynamic duo Hassan & Roshaan, also embraced the spotlight.

The global resonance of Fresh Finds Pakistan reverberated through the success of its top-performing tracks. “Beqadra” by Nehaal Naseem, “Sukoon” by Hassan & Roshaan and Shae Gill, and “Kismat” by HASHAM and Rovalio soared to the top three spots captivating listeners far beyond Pakistan and emerging as the most exported songs from Fresh Finds.

Spotify paying tribute to the legendary Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan on this Independence Day

Additional chart-toppers included “Secrets” by Dyslexic and Zouqan, “Zamanay” by Abdul Hannan, Ali Alvi, and Shahmeer Raza Khan, and “Beetay Zamaney – Unplugged” by Salman Masood.

Through Fresh Finds Pakistan, 111 artists have experienced significant career leaps, climbing the ranks after their inclusion in the playlist. This upward trajectory highlighted the playlist’s pivotal role as a catalyst for artistic growth and recognition.

Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad emerged as the top cities in terms of streams, demonstrating the highest weekly active users of Fresh Finds Pakistan. In 2023, Fresh Finds Pakistan continued to amplify fresh voices, with Eifi, Nehaal Naseem, Izzchughtai, and Jawad leading this year’s artist lineup. These torchbearers are poised to deliver innovative sounds and captivating melodies that promise to enthrall audiences nationwide.

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