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Almost a Quarter of All Streams on Spotify Pakistan Are Hip-Hop

 Young Stunners, Rap Demon, superdupersultan and Eva B continue to dominate the local hip-hop scene with their powerful compositions and trendy beats as the latest cache of Spotify data reveals fresh trends

In a grand tribute to the monumental cultural phenomenon that is hip-hop, Spotify is excited to announce the launch of the “Hip-Hop Turns Fifty” hub. This exclusive on-platform destination is a vibrant celebration of five decades of hip-hop, showcasing a captivating blend of data-driven and editorially curated top 50 best and most-streamed lists that have been the heartbeat of the summer.

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A Global Movement, A Local Resonance: The Hip-Hop Evolution in Pakistan

In Pakistan, hip-hop found its rhythm and rhyme much like the rest of the world. As the beats of the genre reverberated through the nation, it quickly captured the hearts of the youth. From street corners to stages, hip-hop became a medium of self-expression for Pakistani artists, addressing societal issues and amplifying their stories.

Today, Spotify reveals that hip-hop commands an impressive 24% share of all plays in Pakistan, with an astounding 67% of its streams flowing from the under-25 demographic. As a testament to its popularity, hip-hop takes the coveted second spot in the country’s streaming charts, only following pop music.

Unveiling the Chart-Toppers and Game-Changers

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With the unveiling of the “Hip-Hop Turns Fifty Hub”, Spotify provides a treasure trove of insights into Pakistan’s hip-hop scene through its local hip-hop playlists ‘Nayi Bars’ and ‘Pakistani Hip-Hop’. Among the top local songs are tracks like “Agency” by Rap Demon, Talha Anjum and Umair, “Gumaan” by Young Stunners, and “Secrets,” and “Downers At Dusk” by Talha Anjum and Umair. Noteworthy mentions also go to “Afsanay” by Young Stunners and “Cold Hours” by Umair and aleemrk, each track resonating with the vibrant pulse of Pakistan’s youth.

Talha Anjum, as a solo act, and Young Stunners are the top local artists in the category according to data from the music streaming service, driving the hip-hop movement forward. Rap Demon, superdupersultan and Eva B follow close behind, showcasing the diversity and range of talent within the Pakistani hip-hop scene.

A Harmonious Mosaic: Pakistan’s Hip-Hop Landscape

In a harmonious blend of voices, Spotify’s data highlights that the listenership of hip-hop in Pakistan comprises 23% females and 77% males, emphasizing the genre’s broad appeal. The top cities where hip-hop beats resonate amongst listeners the strongest include Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and Faisalabad, representing the dynamic cultural tapestry of the country.

As we applaud the global journey of hip-hop, Spotify invites music enthusiasts and culture aficionados to explore the “Hip-Hop Turns Fifty Hub”, to dive into five decades of lyrical genius, transformative beats, and captivating stories that have shaped a generation.

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