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Sindh Education Minister Reveals 14,000 Public Schools Without Water and 38 Karachi Schools Without Toilets

Sindh Education Minister Reveals Critical Infrastructure Issues in Public Schools and Water Supply Challenges in Karachi

Public School Infrastructure Issues

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Sindh Education Minister Syed Sardar Ali Shah informed the provincial assembly that approximately 14,000 public schools lack water supply facilities, and 38 primary schools in Karachi do not have toilets. He also highlighted the issue of solar power systems being stolen from government premises.

The minister stated that the government is working on constructing boundary walls, toilets, and water supply facilities for public schools. He urged every concerned member of society to participate in monitoring the functioning of government schools to improve the academic future of children.

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Improving School Attendance and Support

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Shah emphasized the need to use the latest digital and cellular technologies to ensure the attendance of teachers at public schools. He also mentioned that the government takes strict action against teachers who are absent from their duties. Opposition leader Ali Khursheedi assured that the opposition would support the government in ensuring quality education without politicizing the issue.

Transport and Water Supply Plans

Senior Transport Minister Sharjeel Inam Memon discussed the government’s plans to launch modern public transport services across the province, including new routes for electric buses in Karachi. He criticized the inefficiency of the caretaker government for halting the construction of the Red Line corridor. Local Government Minister Saeed Ghani addressed water supply issues, warning that shutting down six legally operating water hydrants would worsen the water crisis in Karachi.

Efforts to Mitigate Water Shortages

Ghani explained that there is a significant gap between the supply and demand of water in Karachi, with a current shortfall of 30 mgd from the Hub Dam. He outlined ongoing development projects aimed at restoring water supply, including a project to restore the Hub Dam canal, which is expected to provide 150 million gallons of water daily to the city upon completion. Ghani also noted the demolition of 220 illegal hydrants and the provision of metered water connections to six legal hydrants to ensure controlled water distribution.

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