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EFU Life and Kashf Foundation Join Forces to Empower Women and Foster Financial Resilience

“EFU Life and Kashf Foundation Partner to Introduce the Innovative ‘Khushal Mustakbil Plan’ for Women’s Empowerment and Financial Resilience”

EFU Life, a leading life insurance and family takaful provider, has collaborated with Kashf Foundation, a pioneering microfinance institution, to launch the groundbreaking “Khushal Mustakbil Plan.” This initiative is designed to empower women while providing financial resilience through a unique insurance plan combined with microfinance services.

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Women play crucial roles in shaping both micro and macro aspects of society. Sustainable progress cannot be achieved without the active participation of women in all sectors of the economy and society. Recognizing the vital contribution of women’s inclusion, it is imperative to design products and financial services that cater to their needs. The Khushal Mustakbil Plan, a joint endeavor by both organizations, is aligned with this objective.

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Mr. Aamir Khan, Insurance Commissioner at the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP), commended Kashf Foundation and EFU Life for their innovative collaboration in launching the Khushal Mustakbil Plan. This unique product has been thoughtfully designed by both organizations, with a strong focus on addressing the needs of the target market and providing protection for this vulnerable segment against unforeseen life challenges. It aligns with SECP’s mission of promoting financial inclusion and women’s empowerment in the country.

EFU Life, Kashf Foundation unite for women empowerment and financial resilience

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Commenting on the partnership, Ms. Roshaneh Zafar, MD Kashf Foundation, stated” We are proud to announce the launch of revolutionary Khushal Mustakbil Plan, specifically tailored for women from low-income communities in Pakistan. Kashf Foundation has worked with over 5 million micro female entrepreneurs, whose resilience and resourcefulness is unmatched. The Khushal Mustakbil plan builds on women’s aspirations to build a better future for themselves and the next generation. The plan will allow women from low-income families to establish financial goals that are both achievable and impactful. Through this product, we strive to create a more inclusive and resilient financial landscape for women in Pakistan, enabling them to overcome barriers and achieve long-term financial stability.”

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Mr. Mohammed Ali Ahmed, MD & CEO of EFU Life, added, “I am delighted at our collaboration with Kashf Foundation as we have co-created an innovative financial planning solution for the women of Pakistan. Over the years, EFU Life has, through its strategic focus on promoting Digital and inclusive Insurance, consistently fulfilled its promise to uplift underserved segments and created opportunities for the wider population by introducing inclusive and innovative financial solutions.

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Khushal Mustakbil Plan serves as a reaffirmation of our enduring commitment to nurturing ongoing excellence and reinforcing financial resilience amongst various population segments, with a particular emphasis on advancing financial independence among women in our nation.” This partnership between Kashf Foundation and EFU Life underscores the importance of collaboration in driving positive change and empowering women in society. Together, both organizations are determined to make a lasting impact on the lives of women across Pakistan.

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