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Why people leaving Pakistan? Over 800,000 Pakistanis have emigrated in 2023

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In last 2 years due to decreased exports and the economic crisis, high power tariff the textile industry has laid off about seven million workers. The government lacks a program to guarantee and protect the ailing textile industry, according to representatives of the industry at a news conference conducted by textile associations.

It is feared that there will be a severe shortage of manpower in the country.

In October 2022 All Pakistan Textile Mills Association (APTMA), the representative body of garment-producing businesses, had decided to shut down textile units across the country for days to protest the withdrawal of competitive power tariffs.

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It was also reported that “1,600 textile mills have been shut down.” and “Five million employees lost their jobs and 30 million people affected due to the closure of textile industries,”

The emigration of qualified individuals from Pakistan, like many other countries, can be attributed to a complex interplay of economic, social, and political factors.

Over 800,000 Pakistanis have left the country, with about 100,000 of them being highly educated professionals like accountants, doctors, nurses, engineers, and IT specialists.

If a country suffers from political instability, there will be no economic stability. Long-term plans are needed to bring about economic stability. Due to political instability, the country faces economic and security challenges. A failed and powerless government cannot establish its writ anywhere. Due to which it cannot control the inflation. A change of governments every 2 or 3 years has sunk the country’s fleet.

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Political, economic instability and sense of insecurity have forced people to leave Pakistan. Because who will invest where the government is not stable. The youth, the most capable youth, experts and highly professional people are forced to leave the country.

If this trend continues, there is a fear that the country will run out of manpower. Skilled and skilled manpower is moving out of the country in search of better opportunities.

Some insights into the general reasons why people leave Pakistan:

Economic Opportunities:

Economic factors are often the primary driver of emigration. Many individuals, particularly those with specialized skills or education, may leave Pakistan in search of better job opportunities, higher salaries, and improved living standards abroad. Economic instability, inflation, and a lack of job prospects in Pakistan can motivate people to seek employment elsewhere.

Political Instability and Security Concerns:

Political instability, corruption, and security concerns can create an environment of uncertainty and unrest. Individuals and families may choose to emigrate to countries with more stable political climates and better security conditions to ensure the safety and well-being of their loved ones.

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Access to quality education is a significant factor for families considering emigration. Parents may choose to move abroad to provide their children with access to better educational opportunities and a more promising future.


Inadequate healthcare infrastructure and services in Pakistan can prompt people to seek medical treatment or better healthcare abroad, especially for serious or specialized medical conditions.

Quality of Life:

The overall quality of life, including factors such as clean water, sanitation, and access to basic services, can influence people’s decision to leave Pakistan in pursuit of a better standard of living.

Perceived Discrimination or Lack of Opportunities:

Some individuals may feel marginalized or face discrimination in Pakistan based on their ethnicity, religion, or other factors. They might choose to emigrate to countries where they perceive greater opportunities and a more inclusive environment.

Family Reunification:

Family reunification is a common reason for emigration. When one family member has already emigrated and established a life abroad, others may follow to be with their loved ones.

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Globalization and Connectivity:

The ease of travel and access to information through the internet have made it easier for people to consider emigration as a viable option. They can explore opportunities and connect with diaspora communities abroad more easily.

Better Governance and Services Abroad:

Many people leave Pakistan in search of better governance, efficient public services, and a higher level of civic amenities in other countries.

It’s crucial to understand that each person’s or family’s decision to immigrate is unique and depends heavily on their specific circumstances. Emigration patterns can also be impacted by governmental policies, international relations, and economic situations in Pakistan and the countries of destination. One would require access to current research and data from relevant sources to comprehend the precise causes of the exodus of capable Pakistanis in a given time frame.

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