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Pakistani Origin Ahmed Larik Selected Among Top 100 Saudi Technology Leaders

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Pakistani Origin IT Wizard Ahmed Ali Larik has been selected among the Top 100 Saudi visionary leaders by the prestigious platform DT100 for his extraordinary contribution in the transformation of the digital banking landscape.

He is the only Pakistani who receive this recognition this year.

Ahmed Ali Larik became limelight as an accomplished visionary professional who was a leading force behind digital banking & fintech. He has a key role for technological development in EMKAN Finance, a subsidiary of Alrahji Bank which is one of the biggest Islamic Banks in the world.

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DT 100 is a momentous initiative set to applaud the extraordinary accomplishments of Saudi Arabia’s technology leaders. This prestigious program is designed to honor exceptional individuals who have spearheaded groundbreaking advancements in technology within the region.

Ahmed Ali Larik is considered as a driving force for empowering KSA toward an innovation-driven economy and has become a recognized thought leader in the industry. He is actively sought after as a speaker at prominent industry conferences, where he shares his invaluable research & insights and expertise as a technology strategist, including appearances at CXO global forums. He has also been awarded a “Technology Master” and included among the top 200 CIOs from the Global CIO forum.

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In continuation to his accolades, he has provided his insight on emerging technologies giving his comparative analysis on the growth gaps between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia markets.

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Mr. Larik also has in-depth research on Neom, hyperloop and overall smart cities projects, according to him, Neom, a special economic zone in Saudi Arabia, is focused on building an innovative city with a strong emphasis on integrating AI, IoT, and Data Analytics into governance, services, and decision-making, he also sheds light on possible cybersecurity threats and preventions. In Pakistan, the adoption of AI and IoT is still in its early stages. Saudi Government also working on a metaverse experience in NEOM called XVRS, which aims to create a mixed-reality urban living model with digital assets, built-in crypto, and NFT monetization. While Pakistan has shown interest in the metaverse, it has yet to fully embrace NFTs and blockchain for real-time transactions and digital property purchases. To support its ambitious goals, Neom is investing in a half-billion-dollar data center called ‘ZeroPoint,’ which will be the region’s first next-generation hyperscale data center and play a vital role in powering the company’s infrastructure.

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He was of the view that Neo banks have been making significant waves in the banking sector of Saudi Arabia, ushering in a new era of digital financial services. These innovative financial institutions, unburdened by traditional brick-and-mortar branches, have redefined banking accessibility for Saudi citizens. As Saudi Arabia continues its journey towards a more diversified and technology-driven economy through initiatives like Vision 2030, Neo banks are playing a pivotal role in shaping the financial landscape of the nation, this is still rather in the inception phase for Pakistan whereby we have a Digital Banking Regulations but are still yet to see new players enter into the market.

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