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TECNO unveiled its latest chameleon coloring technology

Global innovative technology brand TECNO unveiled its latest technology, the chameleon coloring technology, on day one of the company’s first-ever appearance at the MWC. This groundbreaking color-changing technology is capable of changing the back cover of a device to entirely different colors based on the usage or user customization, allowing the user to freely showcase their style without being locked into just one-color option. The new technology adapts a unique material that allows for a continuous change of colors up to 2 million times, with rapid color changing in just 0.03 seconds.

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Chameleon coloring technology, formally known as full-spectrum electrically controlled prism coloring technology, will be the first ever technology of its kind to be fully compatible with a smartphone device, and not only that, it will also be the first in the industry to offer full spectrum color rendering and an astonishing total of 1600 different colors.

TECNO’s commitment to providing innovative technologies that cater to the diverse needs of consumers has won the hearts of Pakistani consumers. The company has received an overwhelming response to its previous devices and technologies. With the launch of the chameleon coloring technology, TECNO is set to redefine the mobile phone industry worldwide by allowing users to express their style through their mobile phones.

“We are thrilled to announce this amazing technology. The chameleon coloring technology is a major step up from our previous color-changing technologies as it provides infinitely more options for color customization. We believe that this technology will cater to the diverse needs of our consumers and will provide them with a unique and personalized mobile phone experience.”

Kelvin Zeng, CEO of TECNO Pakistan, says,

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With TECNO’s latest technology, users can fully customize their device with this rich variety of colors and change it as frequently as they’d like. For those that don’t have time to ponder their own color preferences, chameleon coloring technology will also allow the exterior to interact directly with the device, creating spontaneous and active color designs based on the battery performance, the apps that are running, the surrounding air temperature, the music that is playing, etc. This effectively keeps the coloring consistently fresh and unique for the user, and it even lets the device’s exterior appearance interact with features like the camera.

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TECNO’s dedication to innovation and its focus on the entire smartphone experience, including material and design innovation, has set it apart from its competitors. Its commitment to providing diverse and innovative technologies that cater to the needs of consumers has made it a beloved brand. With the launch of the chameleon coloring technology, TECNO is set to revolutionize the mobile phone industry once again and has announced that they will be launching this technology for Pakistani users as well.

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