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realme Set to Redefine Midrange Design with realme C67


Where Elegance Meets Innovation

The Brand Delivers a Stunner by Dropping the Plastic Bracket, Mini Capsule 2.0, Sunny Oasis Design and Camera Deco

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Keeping up with mixing exquisite design, tech-prowess and quality, realme is set to launch their newest C-Series entrant in Pakistan. In the dynamic world of midrange smartphones, where design is an ever-evolving language, realme C67 emerges as a true groundbreaker, not just in its features, but in the very essence of its design. Let’s look at the design story of the realme C67, where innovation and elegance collide.

Seamless Display Design: No-plastic Bracket

Reserved for flagship devices, the realme C67 brings a seamless display design to the forefront. No plastic bracket underneath the display means a narrower bezel, a more seamless in-hand feel, and enhanced protection against dust and debris. It’s not just a phone; it’s a commitment to a more immersive, seamless user experience.

Mini Capsule 2.0: A New Era of Interactivity

realme introduces the Mini Capsule 2.0 on realme C67 – that takes user interaction to the next level. It enhances functionality and gives more control for features like Music, Weather, Reminders and more.

In-hand Comfort: Thin, Yet Powerful

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Despite housing a massive 5000mAh battery, the realme C67 achieves the perfect balance of power and comfort. The super-thin 7.59mm body, coupled with the C-angle side design, ensures that the phone sits comfortably in your hand. It’s not just a device; it’s an extension of your style and ease.

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Sunny Oasis Design: A Radiant Oasis in Your Hands

Inspired by the radiant glow of an oasis basking in the sun’s rays, the Sunny Oasis Design of the realme C67 is a visual masterpiece. This design concept breathes life into the device, creating a harmonious blend of vitality and sophistication. The phone, available in Sunny Oasis and Black Rock, becomes a canvas where style meets substance.

Gradient Magic: Hits Right in Any Light

The realme C67 doesn’t just shine; it glows. Thanks to an advanced gradient coating process, the green hue on the back panel becomes a three-dimensional spectacle under light. It’s not just a phone; it’s a work of art that adapts to its surroundings, hitting the right notes in any light.

Camera Deco: Where Style Meets Durability

The camera deco of the realme C67 is a statement in itself. Slimmer, more robust, and adorned with golden accents, it’s not just about capturing moments; it’s about doing it with style. The design not only enhances aesthetics but also provides better protection to your camera, ensuring durability without compromising on elegance.

Vibrant Display: 90Hz Awesomeness

At the heart of realme C67’s design is a vibrant 17.07cm (6.72”) 90Hz display, elevating your visual experience. Every interaction, every swipe, becomes a delight as the screen seamlessly responds to your touch. The display is not just a window; it’s a portal to a world of smooth, immersive visuals.

An Open Letter from #realme’s Founder and CEO, Sky Li: Let’s Make it real

The realme C67 is more than a smartphone; it’s a testament to realme’s commitment to innovation and design excellence. With Sunny Oasis radiance, a captivating display, and thoughtful design elements, it stands as a champion in a crowded arena. Elevate your mobile experience with a device that marries elegance and functionality seamlessly. The realme C67 is not just a phone; it’s a declaration of style and innovation – coming soon to markets across Pakistan.

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