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Discount Deals On Food Delivery Apps Attract Customers Especially Youngsters

Food Delivery Apps An Emerging Trend Among Youngsters During Ramzan

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With the holy month of Ramzan, the trend of buying food items online has been witnessing a tremendous increase during the sehri and iftar time when food chains are offering discount deals to attract customers especially youngsters. Food delivery apps saw a significant boost this Ramadan as compared to last year, said a report aired by a private news channel.

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The food delivery apps have made it easier for us to order food from any restaurant by paying minimum delivery charges, said a youngster, adding, these services offer an option to the customers for availing countless discount rate delivery items.

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A housewife, who recently convenient with these E-commerce apps commented that it was too difficult for me to wake up in sehri so now after downloading the food app i can easily order online sehri deals at my doorstep.

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Another young girl said that after fasting from dusk till dawn, customers are mostly preferring to have access to restaurants nearby serving their preferred type of cuisine and that is where the more cravings app steps in.

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These platforms are promoting fresh and healthy foods and groceries during Ramzan to encourage customers to make healthier choices, as well as remind them to take advantage of the ease and convenience that e-commerce offers, said a delivery boy.

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An online fast-food dealer said, like every year, many eateries are once again offering one of the most pocket friendly iftar and sehri deals for customers.

There is a significant rise in the number of orders as part of Ramadan food delivery as many people find it more convenient to order food at home instead of going out for dining in or a takeaway, said a worker in online fast-food platform.

The best way to attract more customers and get orders during Ramzan is to offer customers deals and special menu just for delivery. This will enhance customer experience and will attract more customers for your restaurant, said another online retailer.

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No doubt consumers’ demand to receive groceries and iftar deals at the doorstep has increased, and when they buy food in bulk, they find the online delivery options the most convenient ones, said a female regular online customer.

Mobile wallets allow many young customers to shop online from their favorite brands, and digital wallet apps always have discounts and promo codes for online shoppers, said another young boy.

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