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Huawei expects to round off 2023 with total revenue of 636.9 billion yuan

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PAKISTAN: In a New Year letter circulated to Huawei 195,000 employees globally, Huawei Rotating Chairman Eric Xu said that the company expect to round off the year with a total revenue of 636.9 billion yuan, which is in line with forecast, a slight rise in last year total revenues which totaled 636.8 billion yuan.

The senior Huawei executive said: “in 2022, we successfully pulled ourselves out of crisis mode. US restrictions are now our new normal, and we’re back to business as usual. It’s been all hands-on deck for the past year, with every single member of the Huawei team working hard to navigate challenges and improve the quality of our operations”. 

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Eric Xu also highlighted that Huawei ICT infrastructure business maintained steady growth, and the decline in Huawei device business has abated. Huawei achieved rapid growth in digital power and Huawei Cloud, and took the competitiveness and user experience of our intelligent automotive components to new heights.

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“The macro environment may be rife with uncertainty, but what we can be certain about is that digitalization and decarbonization are the way forward, and they’re where future opportunities lie. Faced with external volatility, we need to remain focused and stay true to our vision and mission. We need to double down on our commitment to building the foundations of the digital economy and to driving green and sustainable development. By doing this, we can create greater value for our customers, partners, and society at large”. Eric highlighted.

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Eric also forecasted that 2023 will be the first year that Huawei returns to business as usual with external restrictions still in place. It will be a crucial year for Huawei, so the company need to actively drive progress, keep inspiring passion across the organization, and further hone the company capabilities. “We need to be proactive about improving the business environment and more effectively managing risks. This is the only way we can reach our business goals for 2023 and lay a solid foundation for Huawei’s continued survival and development”.

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The letter specifies 4 priorities for the company sustainable survival. The first one is maintaining heavy investment in R&D.Eric said: “We need to make our products and solutions more competitive through innovation, reshaping architecture, and systems engineering design. We have to fully commit ourselves to future-oriented basic research and open innovation, and focus our limited resources on value-creating domains. In addition, we need to uphold open collaboration across the value chain to guarantee our supply continuity and resilience”.

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The other 3 priorities are securing victory through quality, Commitment to progress and seizing opportunities to grow the harvest, and pressing ahead with transformation to inject vitality into the organization and motivate everyone to forge ahead

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