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Spotify celebrates a decade of bringing K-Pop to the world

The campaign features ENHYPEN dropping the Spotify K-Pop ON! Single in an ode to BTS, delivering their rendition of “I NEED U” – with a twist.

Karachi: Spotify celebrated the anniversary of its global K-Pop flagship playlist,  K-Pop ON! , dedicated to giving listeners a platform to discover and tune in to the best from the genre. To commemorate this milestone, the world’s most popular audio streaming platform launched a special series of Spotify Singles as part of “My first K-POP Crush campaign”, headlined by ENHYPEN, SHOWNU X HYUNGWON (of MONSTA X), and STAYC

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ENHYPEN, the burgeoning powerhouse of K-pop, kickstarted the series with their rendition of BTS‘s “I NEED U“. Their unique take on the beloved track, produced exclusively for Spotify, was the first of three Spotify-exclusive covers by this stellar line-up of K-Pop artists, each paying homage to the sunbaes (senior artists) who ignited their passion for the genre.

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“This Spotify K-Pop ON! Single means so much to us. In addition to bringing ENGENEs (our fans) a new track, this was our chance to tell the stories of our beginnings with K-Pop through a song loved by the members,” said ENHYPEN. “We’ve always appreciated Spotify’s support for our music, so it’s an honor to be a part of its K-Pop ON! Anniversary celebrations. We hope listeners enjoy our rendition of “I NEED U”, and we can’t wait to hear their First K-Pop Crush stories too!”

Following suit, SHOWNU X HYUNGWON of MONSTA X delivered a heartfelt tribute to the legendary 2PM with their cover of “I Hate You“. Infusing UK garage rhythms and R&B-inspired arrangements, the duo’s rendition reflected their admiration for the iconic track and its profound influence on their musical journey.

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Rounding off the series, STAYC, the trailblazing pioneers of K-pop, paid homage to TWICE with their rendition of “FANCY“. Adding an R&B twist to the 2019 electro-pop hit, STAYC’s cover captures the essence of the original while showcasing their signature style and innovation.

These Spotify K-Pop ON! Singles are not just a nod to every fan’s journey into the genre, which began with that first K-Pop artist who made their heart flutter with their artistry and flair, but also a call to K-Pop fans around the world to join in the celebration of a shared passion for the genre, and the artists who started it all.

As part of its efforts to drive discovery and bring K-Pop to its global audience, Spotify launched its flagship playlist for the genre in 2014. Since then, K-Pop ON!  has been “saved” by over 5.3 million Spotify users worldwide and racked up billions of streams for Korean artists.

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The power of the Spotify platform, along with its intentional mindset of driving music discovery, has fueled the massive acceleration of K-Pop streams. Since 2018, K-Pop streams on Spotify have increased by 182% in the United States, 423% in Southeast Asia, and 362% globally.

Listen to “I NEED U – Spotify Singles” by ENHYPEN, “I Hate You (2024) – Spotify Singles” by SHOWNU X HYUNGWON, and “Fancy – Spotify Singles” by STAYC on Spotify’s K-pop ON! (온) playlist today.

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