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foodpanda enhances mental health initiatives for its workforce

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Foodpanda’s Commitment to Work-Life Balance: A New Employee Welfare Initiative

Islamabad: In yet another progressive move, foodpanda, Pakistan’s prominent food delivery platform, is strengthening its commitment to employee well-being with the introduction of a dedicated mental health holiday. This recent addition to foodpanda’s employee welfare initiatives showcases the organisation’s steadfast dedication to fostering a holistic and healthy work-life balance.

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Embracing Mental Wellness: A New Holiday in Honor of World Mental Health Day

In an era where the significance of mental health is rapidly gaining global recognition, foodpanda is taking a pioneering step in Pakistan’s corporate domain. This newly launched mental health holiday, created in observance of World Mental Health Day earlier this October, underscores the company’s unwavering belief in addressing not just the professional, but also the personal aspects of its employees.

This innovative approach is best summarised by the employees who are benefiting from it. Abdul Ghaffar, Lead – LEA at foodpanda, embraces Ralph Marston’s wisdom: ‘Rest when weary, rejuvenate body, mind, spirit, then work.’ He comments that “the mental health holidays exemplify foodpanda’s care for well-being, reminding us that self-care isn’t a luxury, but a necessity. It also reflects foodpanda’s commitment to nurturing individuals, not just employees.”

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Foodpanda’s Holistic Employee Well-Being Strategy: Nurturing Work-Life Balance with Mental Health Resources and a Special Holiday

Another employee, Midhat Ayub, Expert – Talent Development & Culture added, “foodpanda’s approach to employee well-being is holistic. The availability of mental health resources, the in-house gym, and the overall work environment significantly contribute to our work-life balance. This mental health holiday is a testament to their unwavering dedication to our welfare.”

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Speaking on this latest initiative, foodpanda CEO Muntaqa Peracha also shared his perspective, stating, “Our employees have always been at the heart of our success. This groundbreaking initiative, offering our team a dedicated mental health day, is a testament to our unyielding commitment to their overall well-being. We understand that a healthy work-life balance is paramount, and we are committed to providing an environment where our employees can thrive, both in their professional roles and personal lives.”

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This mental health holiday is not the first of its kind from foodpanda. The company has continuously prioritised its employees’ mental well-being. Notably, last year, foodpanda launched a new category within the app’s Health & Wellness vertical. This unique addition enabled users to access teleconsultation services 24/7 from a range of professionals, including doctors, dieticians, psychiatrists, and psychologists—a first-of-its-kind service offered by any delivery platform.

In addition to providing these resources to its users, foodpanda has always prioritised its mental health focus to its own team, as well. The company offers its employees free mental health services through Saaya Health and hosts regular therapy sessions. They further promote mental and physical health with weekly yoga sessions, a designated in-house gym, and an exclusive internal buy-and-sell Slack channel called pandabay.

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Empowering working mothers and promoting gender diversity, foodpanda offers four months of paid maternity leave, complemented by two additional months of flexible working arrangements. A fully-equipped in-house daycare facility caters to working mothers in Karachi, while other cities offer a nanny allowance.

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By introducing the dedicated mental health holiday, foodpanda continues to fortify its position as an employer that genuinely cares about its employees’ well-being. The organisation stands at the forefront of cultivating a workplace culture that values the mental and physical health, happiness, and harmonious work-life balance of its team members.

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