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Data Protection & Digital Transformation through Cloud Migration for Businesses

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SAP highlights Importance of Data Protection & Digital Transformation through Cloud Migration for Businesses

Karachi: Saquib Ahmad, Country Managing Director, SAP Pakistan, recently held a discussion with the media for highlighting the role of cloud migration and the transformation that it will bring to businesses.

Cloud migration is essential to ensure digital transformation and manage applications and data in the most cost-effective, efficient, and secure IT environment.

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SAP has a strong presence in almost all business segments of Pakistan. These digital solutions not only add ease of business and outreach but expedite the progress manifolds for their sheer evaluative data outlining the route forward most visibly.

Saquib Ahmad, while speaking on the essence of cloud migration and data backup for business enterprises, stated “The usage of technology by companies, had changed in the post-COVID-19 situation. It has now strengthened, making Cloud Computing the need of the hour. Pakistani companies from big automakers to small-sized businesses are using the SAP software for the same. SAP is also working with government institutions to create time-efficient processes with evaluative options for the best foot forward.” He elaborated on the strengths of SAP solutions for decision-making, stating, “Highlighting successful behavioral trends with the right set of data is important for CEOs for best decisions. SAP’s predictive analytics is the perfect and most viable tool for it.”

He further expanded on the flexibility of SAP which is a tailored solution provider for its customers. Since the aim is to provide seamless digital transformation for organizations of all sizes, SAP ensures a unique solution to meet specific client needs to truly address the need of the business for growth and expansion. When questioned on security issues, Saquib assured that the installation of software comes with the security paradigms in place. SAP is strong with secure digital environment to combat cyber theft and fraudulent activities.

He further said, “SAP Pakistan works with a clear vision to help the world run better and improve people’s lives in the best possible ways. SAP ensures a design and workflow that impacts the lives of the users (company and customers) most positively.”

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Speaking of cloud solutions, he explained the infinite space available on the cloud and how companies need to make a focused migration to cloud solutions for the availability and security of data at all times. Cloud solutions provide a stronger network and make it possible for users to work on the same project with fewer glitches. It allows easy access, trackable data, and transparency. Along with cost-effectiveness, data security is one of the most significant factors addressed by cloud solutions.

When opting for a cloud solution, the management has control over the cost as well as the scope of work. Chunks of solutions can be purchased by organizations according to their business requirement and duties can be assigned to team members as per their roles and responsibilities in the organization.

“Change management is the biggest hurdle for digital transformation. Employees feel insecure about their jobs and, hence, are reluctant towards digital change. This needs to change as digital transformation is the future,” said Saquib Ahmad. While highlighting the issues faced by the current business environment, he also announced free-of-cost training to be provided to students of several educational institutes as a means to digitally strengthen the economy of Pakistan.

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Pakistan is experiencing an increasing trend of cloud adoption due to its cost optimization and effective solutions for different sectors. It is imperative for the country to capitalize on this opportunity and SAP spearheads this initiative, as it follows global security standards to meet the challenges of cybersecurity.

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