PayFast by APPS becomes the first fintech in Pakistan to partner with Visa through cybersource

PayFast by APPS is proud to become the first fintech in Pakistan to partner with international payments leader Visa through Cybersource. The nature of the partnership sees Cybersource offering its robust and dynamic digital payment solution suite to the business. These include SoftPos, E-commerce, Fraud Management, and digital merchant platform. This supports PayFast by APPS’ long-term growth strategy by providing greater operational efficiencies and technological agility to its clients. It will ensure a world-class customer experience by entailing the highest standards of security infrastructure and quality of service.

The partnership serves as a milestone that advances PayFast by APPS’ commitment to bring the company, and Pakistan, to the forefront of the regional fintech landscape. The State Bank licensed and regulated PSO/PSP envisions to extend its reach across international borders, starting in the MENA region.


Further, the integration helps expand PayFast by APPS’ SoftPos initiative, which will greatly enhance digital payment acceptance for merchants of all sizes by introducing fast, secure, and cost-effective solutions for them to collect online payments. Currently, POS penetration in Pakistan is staggeringly low, with just over 90,000 POS terminals deployed nationwide compared to the millions of merchants in the market. One of the major reasons is the high setup costs that prevent acquirers to serve medium or small sized businesses.


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Cybersource has partnered with SoftPos to use their standardized APIs to develop a fully functional and secure software that would substantially reduce set-up costs for small and medium sizes retailers. As the trend of contactless payments has grown worldwide by over 40% in the past two years, merchants will benefit from a simple, secure, and affordable digital solution to drive sales and maximize revenue potentials. By integrating Cybersource, PayFast by APPS can offer the ease, affordability, and speed of integration to SoftPos to its merchants.


Arshad Raza, Chairman– PayFast by APPS commended the company’s efforts: “PayFast aspires to make online payment acceptance hassle-free in Pakistan. By onboarding Visa directly through Cybersource, clients of PayFast will gain access to the world’s most advanced industry standards, steering us closer towards this aim. We mark this as a pivotal chapter in our company’s history– especially as we venture to extend our services internationally.”

Adnan Ali, CEO– PayFast by APPS, added: “Visa has transformed payment acceptance for businesses worldwide. PayFast’s most recent partnership with them, through Cybersource, is a testament to our innovative strategies and continued promise to bolster Pakistan’s image on an international level. It also reaffirms our vision to make safe, fast and secure digital payment solutions in Pakistan the norm. We are excited to deliver an optimal experience to our clients through this new step and I am proud of the team for securing this feat of making PayFast by APPS the first ever Pakistani fintech to partner directly with Visa.”

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Leila Serhan, Visa’s Group Country Manager for North Africa, Levant and Pakistan, commented: “As Pakistani consumers increasingly shift online, fraudsters have looked for more ways to exploit them. It is important that merchants are equipped to combat fraud and ensure that consumers feel safe using digital payments over cash-on-delivery. At Visa, we believe cybersecurity is a collective effort, and this partnership with PayFast is a testament to our efforts to help local merchants with their digital transformation.”

Kamil Khan, Visa’s Country Manager for Pakistan, added: “We are excited to partner with PayFast by APPS, the first Pakistani fintech company to launch our dynamic Cybersource solution, which offers multiple benefits to merchants and provides customers with a frictionless, secure, and convenient payment solution. We believe this initiative will pave the way for Pakistan’s cashless future.”

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Present at the signing ceremony were: Ms. Leila Serhan, Visa- Group Country Manager for North Africa, Levant and Pakistan; Mr. Kamil Khan, Visa- Country Manager for Pakistan; Mr. Amaar Shaikh, Visa- Merchant Sales & Acquiring (Levant and Pakistan); Ms. Bisma Rizwan, Visa- Merchant Sales & Acceptance; Qandeel Fatima- Business Development Manager; Mr. Arshad Raza, PayFast by APPS-Chairman; Mr. Adnan Ali, PayFast by APPS-CEO; Mr. Faisal Alam, PayFast by APPS- Chief Information Officer; Mr. Soheb Roomi, PayFast by APPS-Marketing Team Lead; Mr. Fahad Khan, PayFast by APPS- Chief Compliance & Risk Officer; Mr. Yousuf Aziz, Head of Digital Payments & Services; Daniyal Ahmed, PayFast by APPS- Head of Sales; Jawad Hassan, PayFast by APPS- Head of Strategic Partnerships.

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