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The interim prime minister، has authorized the entry of StarLink and PayPal into Pakistan

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Anwar-ul-Huq Kakar, the interim prime minister, has authorized the entry of Starlink and PayPal into Pakistan.

The PM stated that 200,000 IT professionals are currently enrolled in a training program.

The Ministry of Information and Technology (IT) and Telecommunications’ proposal for a new comprehensive policy to support the growth of IT exports was accepted on Wednesday by acting prime minister Dr. Anwar-ul-Haq Kakar. During a conference to review the information technology and telecommunications sectors, this approach was adopted. The ministry outlined plans to expand local IT exports as well as efforts for Pakistan’s IT development during the conference. Dr. Umar Saif, the interim minister for IT and telecom, praised the ministry’s forward-thinking during this meeting.

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IT exports might reach $10 billion, and startups could raise $1 billion, claims Dr. Saif.

The orders to the Ministry of Finance, the State Bank of Pakistan, the Ministry of Trade and Commerce, the Federal Bureau of Revenue (FBR), and the Ministry of Energy to collaborate and work with the Ministry of IT on this topic were also signed by the acting prime minister. The new IT strategy, according to Dr. Said, intends to increase the nation’s digital exports by institutionalizing dollar retention accounts and facilitating a simple flow of funds through IT corporate debit cards. He expressed appreciation for the efforts made.

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Prime Minister meets Mr. Ethan Sun CEO Huawei Pakistan

Caretaker Minister for IT and Telecom Dr. Umar Saif praised the ministry for going above and beyond to help IT workers during this meeting. In addition, he praised him for taking comprehensive steps to unlock the limitless potential of the nation’s IT.

The Prime Minister has approved and appreciated our plan for the Ministry of IT and Telecom:

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1. Enhance IT exports by institutionalising dollar retention accounts, IT corporate debit cards to enable easy flow of money in and out of retention accounts, streamlining tax issues and training 200,000 IT professionals to add $5 Billion to IT exporters.

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2. Bring PayPal and Stripe to Pakistan and establish co-working spaces for 500,000 freelancers to increase their potential to additional $3 Biliion per year

3. Launch Starlink in Pakistan to improve connectivity throughout the country.

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4. Launch government-backed Pakistan Venture Capital Fund to attract top-tier international VCs to Pakistan. Enable $1 Billion VC investment in startups.

5. Enable active spectrum sharing, forward-looking taxation policies, regulations and incentives for the telecom industry to prepare for the upcoming 5G auction within 10 months.

6. Incentives for local manufacturing and export of smart phones in Pakistan, as well as smartphone financing platform (so that people can easily get phones on monthly instalments) to enhance local demand. Excited to take this agenda forward on full speed …

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